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Bhavish Aggarwal Net Worth: The co-founder of Ola Cabs, Bhavish Agarwal is an entrepreneur. Time magazine named Aggarwal one of this year’s 100 Most Influential People.

In 2010, Bhavish founded his company, which is now valued at $6.5 billion by 2022. The 35-year-old is an intelligent and successful businessman. Babvish earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering (CSE) from IIT.

Mr. Bhavish Aggarwal hails from Ludhiana in Punjab. Bhavish Aggarwal has been the driving force behind the success of his company, Ola. We will today discuss Bhavish Aggarwal net worth, LIfe styles, his journey to becoming a millionaire, his personal life, and how he spends his millions.


Originally from Ludhiana, he is a member of the Bania/Baniya family. His career at Microsoft Research India began as a Research Intern, and he was later promoted to Assistant Researcher.

Over the last 10 to 12 years, he founded the startup OLA, which has become well known. Among the top 100 most influential people in the world, he was named in 2018.

Australia, New Zealand, and London are now among the countries where OLA is available.

As a result of a personal experience with a driver who demanded more money for longer rides, Bhavish founded OLA. OLA was founded on December 3, 2010.

The company makes money through ride-booking commissions, new driver security fees, and other sources. The headquarters of the company are in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.


First, he established a travel agency from which he offered cab services to the residents. Ankit Bhati helps with the digitization of his agency, which began when the firm was small and everything was done manually.

Upon receiving a taxi booking request through his website, he contacts the driver, giving them directions on where to pick up and drop off.

It is well known that OLA’s success in India is due to a lack of infrastructure. Only 10% of Indians own automobiles, so they targeted 90% of the remaining population for his services.

In addition to launching a referral network on his app to expand his business, he reduced the cost of rides and provided numerous discounts to customers for three years to get people familiar with OLA.

Drivers are also provided with a lot of incentives. After all, the true game-changers are the drivers. The entire business revolves around drivers.

In fact, Bhavish realizes that ten crore people are needed, and ten of them lack the necessary skills to run a successful company.

Personal Life

He is not interested in schooling, but he and his friend do a lot of freelance work together for extra money and experience. In 2008 he completed his degree in engineering.

Bhavish left Microsoft after two years of employment. OLA currently employs more than eight lac drivers. This year, he was named Entrepreneur of the Year at the ET Awards.

Naresh Kumar Aggarwal, his father, and Usha Aggarwal, his mother, are both doctors. His wife is Rajalakshmi Aggarwal. The couple get married in early 2014.

Bhavish Aggarwal’s parents were initially unhappy with his business choice, believing he would become a travel agent. In spite of this, they allowed him to proceed with his scheme and gradually began to support him.

Bhavish Aggarwal Net Worth

As of 2022, Bhavish Aggarwal Net Worth is expected to have $500 million. His net worth in Indian currency is approximately Rs 3500 crore. It is estimated that he earns between Rs 15 crores and Rs 20 crores monthly.

A majority of his money comes from Ola and its services, along with the stock market.

The company’s net worth is estimated at $6.5 billion as of 2022. OLLA has been in business since 2010. The company has more than 4-5 lakh employees.

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Awards and Achievements

The following honors have been bestowed upon him:

  • In 2013 he was Awarded the mBillionth Award in South Asia.
  • His company was awarded by IAMAI as the The best startup of the year.
  • Bhavish aggarwal was Honoured by HATT.
  • The Hindustan Times included his name in’ ’30 under 30′
  • Forbes’ list of 30 under 30 includes the name of Bhavish Aggarwal.
  • Bhavish Aggarwal was named CEO of the Year at the 2019 SABRE Awards South Asia.
  • According to the Economic Times, he was named Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • CNBC-TV18 named him Disruptor of the Year at the Asia Business Leader Awards.

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